About Skybird Sales

Just a little about me, and how I started in aviation; my name Jerry Meier an from a kid on the farm, every time I saw a airplane which was usually a Piper club flyover, MY DREAM WAS!! I am going own a plane and fly someday, so I got my pilot’s license in 1969, soloed in a Cherokee 140 which I soon purchased, and also leased out, if I remember correctly I leased it for $19 an hour WET! CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT! Then a short while after a Cessna 150, a new 1974 Cessna 172, then also purchased a NEW Cessna 182 Bicentennial 1976 IFR equipped, which I leased out, according to the best of my memory for only $30 or $32 an hour WET! Wouldn’t you like to have prices like that again? So thinking that was too expensive to fly and with a love for flying! Ultralights inspired me for just pleasure flying, take off distance 75 to hundred feet, and land in 150 feet, as they advertised, so I went for it about the end of 1981. Was going to be just for pleasure flying, but then my wife and I started our company Skybird.com in 1982 Of all ultralights to start after flying a Cessna 182 to a [ROTEC RALLY 3 two place] BELIEVE IT OR NOT! stored in my shop at home, and the first few flights taking off and landing in a 1 acre square lot, power lines less than 400 feet from take off , with a slight rise in elevation towards power lines, after first takeoff and clearing the power lines probably not more than 10 feet with temperature at 30° which means that there was extra good lift. I decided that was not too smart. After looking down at those power lines that was the last time I took off that direction, so to take off from my 1 acre spot I could only do it in perfectly calm weather, and that was to clear a fence which was 190 feet from take off, could clear it about 10 to 15 feet. Then to come in and land again that was another story, had trees that were at least 10 feet tall, and from the trees to the end of the lot was 200 feet; so once committed there was no going around. After about six or seven of those takeoff and landings and not wanting to make my wife a widow I moved to the airport. So I can thank God I’m still here! And that’s my story; Flying, buying, building and selling ultralights and experimental aircraft ever since. Yours for happy flying! 580 819 1399 SNS9jpg