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Still for sale (Stock) 80 hp $995 [SOLD EA 71 Subaru engine 100 hp EA 81 SOLD!!

Stock Subaru these engines were used in trucks and buses overseas, this engine was shipped in from overseas. I also have a EA 71 Subaru, EA 81 SOLD!!! European model also shipped in from overseas used in trucks and buses,

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Hirth aircraft engine (dual ignition) $850.00

According to Hirth manual this is a 65 hp, dual ignition, click this link for manual, (then click (PDF  2706_ BDA file) comes with no drive.              

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Full Lotus Floats (generic)

The floats that you see on this plane are for sale. They are like the Full Lotus Floats, were made by Teratorn Aircraft, the same people that now build Warp drive propeller.  the main difference on these floats, they have

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